Charlotte Gusay’s love of the literary has deep roots. She founded and ran for many years the prestigious book shop George Sand, Books on Melrose in West Hollywood (even before Melrose was chic.) She knows the book business "from the trenches." In 1988 (two years after a new little girl came into her life), she closed the book shop and started her literary agency. Much to her delight (and with the help of a powerful Rolodex filled with names culled from her book shop patrons -- directors, producers, screenwriters, novelists, writers who continue to this day to seek her out), she began to gain immediate success selling books and film options to books. She has come to be known as the "Diane Keaton" of agents - eclectic, quality, and very careful in choosing projects to represent.Founded on the basis of that twelve years in the book business, The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency represents both fiction and nonfiction books, selected children's books with movie potential, entertainment rights, books to film, selected screenplays and screenwriters.

The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency is a licensed Talent Agency and often co-agents with WGA affiliated film agents for books-to-film and screenplay projects.

Some Areas of Interest:

Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Feminist Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humorous Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Military/War Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Mystery, Regional Fiction, Suspense, Agriculture/Horticulture, Alternative Lifestyles, Anthropology/Archaelogy, Art/Architecture, Biography, Communications, Cooking/Foods/Nutrition, Ethnic, Feminism, Film/Cinema/Stage, Gardening, Gay/Lesbian Nonfiction, General Nonfiction, Gift Book, Government/Politics, Health/Medicine, History, House and Home, Humanities, Humorous Nonfiction, Language and Literature, Literary Criticism, Multicultural Nonfiction, Music and Dance, Nature and Environment, Philosophy, Popular Science, Psychology, Reference, Regional Nonfiction, Religion, Sports, Travel and Script.


Client Recommendations:

To my friend and agent, Charlotte Gusay, I offer the biggest thank-you of all. You nurtured this project through every one of its stages and never gave up on me, even when a little hand-wringing entered the fray and a satisfactory end was still nowhere in sight. Your enthusiasm for the book was infectious and provided me with extraordinary support.  – Anthony Russell OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE: GROWING UP AT LEEDS CASTLE

Thanks for your help in getting this Franco project off the ground. – Caleb Powell, [Co-author]  I THINK YOU’RE TOTALLY WRONG:  A QUARREL (Alfred Knopf/Random House)

To Charlotte – Possibly the best damned literary agent in the entire damned business !
—Jack Mendelsohn, JACKY’S DIARY

“…forever grateful for the crucial role you played, Char.” 

The following is from the Acknowledgments of Ann Serling’s biography of her father Rod Serling:  To quote my father:  On a writer’s way up, he meets a lot of people and in some rare cases there’s a person along the way, who happens to be around just when they’re needed---perhaps just a moment of professional advice, a brief compliment to boost the ego when it’s been bent, cracked and pushed into the ground, a pat on the back and…words of encouragement….In my case, there have been so many I could attribute that quote to, and I am humbled and grateful beyond words.  To Charlotte Gusay and Richard Wexler, who were there way back when. 
—Anne Serling-Sutton, AS I KNEW HIM: MY DAD, ROD SERLING (Kensington Publishing)

The biggest thank you…must go to my agent, Charlotte Gusay, whose awe-inspiring determination and high professionalism are complemented by the fact she’s fun to have a drink with.
—Jane Ransom, BYE-BYE (Washington Square Press, Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster)

This book combines the insights and collective wisdom of many people who came together in order to help heal the families in our community following an earthquake in Los Angeles.  We are very appreciative of Charlotte Gusay, a woman of many talents, for her tireless dedication to the project. 
—Bonnie S. Mark and Aviva Layton, July 1997, I’LL KNOW WHAT TO DO: A KID’S GUIDE TO NATURAL DISASTERS (Magination Press)  
[September 1997, Bonnie and Aviva also wrote:  “You made this book a reality—You’re wonderful.”]

I’d like to thank all the people who encouraged me and helped me to turn this idea into a book:  Charlotte Gusay, who advised me on refining the proposal…   ---Joanne Jacobs, OUR SCHOOL: THE INSPIRING STORY OF TWO TEACHERS, ONE BIG IDEA, AND THE SCHOOL THAT BEAT THE ODDS (Palgrave Macmillan)

Special thanks to Charlotte Gusay, for her faith in my work…  

Teamwork is truly the name of the game and I am lucky enough to be supported by a team of hardworking visionaries who don't say “yes” to my every idea, but certainly support the manifestation of many of my dreams. My literary agent, Charlotte Gusay, is as rock and roll as they come, with treasure troves of stories and ideas. I would like to thank her for all of the time, hard work, and belief she invested into this project (and those that came before). I sincerely hope that many of the poets included will one day be lucky enough to have a Charlotte Gusay on their team.----Saulito Bonaparte (aka Saul Williams) Paris 2012

“We are so grateful to so many people who have contributed their stories, wisdom, and coaching to make our work possible and hopefully this book will contribute and make a difference in people’s lives… To our Agent Charlotte Gusay, who gave everything she had to make this book happen and make this the best book possible. We are so grateful for your support. – Steven Gaffney and Colleen Francis (co-authors

"The best agent I've ever had." -- Bill Salisbury (co-author

"There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for all your help and vision...Special thanks to my friend and literary agent." --Miriam Marx Allen, author LOVE, GROUCHO: LETTERS FROM GROUCHO MARX TO HIS DAUGHTER MIRIAM* (Faber & Faber, DaCapo Press)

"The Queen of Synergy, whose own vision quest included so many of us, and even the river herself..." Patt Morrison, author RIO L.A.: TALES FROM THE LOS ANGELES RIVER* (Angel City Press)

"...literary agent extraordinaire...a tireless advocate..." --Randi Barrow, author SOMEBODY'S CHILD*(Perigee/PenguinPutnam)

"...agent, guide, advisor, friend: Thank you for it all. For finding the gem that was buried under all those extra words and never giving up on making me dig for it, for understanding why this story needed to get out there, for connecting me with exactly the right people, and for walking me through every step of the process." --Wendy Blackburn, author BEACHGLASS* (St. Martin's Press)

"Thank you so much for helping bring this book to life. I appreciate all of your hard work and vision." -- Saul Williams, author of THE DEAD EMCEE SCROLLS: THE LOST TEACHINGS OF HIP-HOP*, ,SAID THE SHOTGUN TO THE HEAD.* (MTV Books/Simon & Schuster) and other books.

"This book would not have been possible if it weren't for my literary agent Charlotte Gusay, who had the courage, belief, and tenacity to take on and promote such a controversial story..." David Thibodeau, author with Leon Whiteson of A PLACE CALLED WACO*(Public Affairs)

"...a fine literary agent and a good friend. Charlotte's help went far beyond the services of an agent...she was instrumental in the creation of this book..." Robert Bader, editor, GROUCHO MARX AND OTHER SHORT STORIES AND TALL TALES*(Faber & Faber)

"I would like to thank...Charlotte Gusay for her unyielding faith and tireless efforts in getting the book published..." Annie Reiner, author/illustrator A VISIT TO THE ART GALAXY (Simon & Schuster)

"Special thanks...To my wonderful agent, Charlotte Gusay." "Agent, mentor, friend, and midwife to this book." Janet Warner, author of OTHER SORROWS, OTHER JOYS: THE MARRIAGE OF CATHERINE BOUCHER AND WILLIAM BLAKE: A NOVEL*(St. Martin's Press)

"My thanks to Charlotte, my fabulous agent, for her dogged determination and belief in this project..." Gloria Lintermans, co-author of RETRO CHIC: A GUIDE TO FABULOUS VINTAGE AND DESIGNER RESALE SHOPPING IN NORTH AMERICA & ONLINE* (Really Great Books now known as Glove Box) and "You made it all happen, our dream come true." -- Diana Eden, co-author RETRO CHIC.

"Thanks many times over to my literary agent, Charlotte Gusay, for her enthusiasm and tenacity." -- Marc Cramer, author IMPERIAL MONGOLIAN COOKING: RECIPES FROM THE KINGDOM OF GENGHIS KHAN* (Hippocrene Books) 
*  See descriptions of books elsewhere on the website.