“An extraordinary account of one of the most shameful episodes in recent American history, I wish that everyone in the country could read this book...It gives us the poignant and terrible human story behind the Waco events.” Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States August 1999

A Place Called Waco: A Survivor’s Story, by David Thibodeau with Leon Whiteson, merits special attention. This carefully written, surprisingly balanced book by one of only four Branch Davidians to survive the fire without being sentenced to prison is a striking combination of memoir and investigation...a very human, authentic counterpoint to such sensation-mongering and superficiality...It would be a shame if its message was lost in the babble.” Newsday September 3, 1999

“Reading A Place Called Waco leaves you with the sickening conclusion that the Branch Davidians’ fiery end was a highly foreseeable train wreck...Thibodeau offers a compelling and remarkably balanced first-person account of life and death with David Koresh...very accessible...captures much of what has changed in the public view over [the] last six years, according to opinion surveys that now show deep skepticism about the FBI’s role at Waco.” The Washington Post (Book World) October 17, 1999

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