Imperial Mongolian Cooking: Recipes from the Kingdoms of Genghis Khan is the first ever collection of recipes from a civilization that ruled over some two dozen countries. As such, this book opens a window onto a culture and diverse culinary tradition unknown to the West, offering an original and exciting cooking adventure.

Recipes from the following countries:

Mongolia * Chinese-controlled Inner Mongolia China * Bhutan * Tibet * Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan * Tajikstan * Turkmenistan * Uzebekistan * Kazakhstan * Georgia * Armenia * Russia * Poland * Ukraine * Hungary * Burma * Vietnam * Iran * Iraq * Afghanistan * Syria * Turkey

And here's a review from Renaissance Magazine (Issue 20)

The Culinary Delights of Genghis Khan I imagine living in the age of Genghis Khan, in the late 12th and early 13thcenturies. Times would have been especially tough, as the warrior emperorvangquished his enemies, terrorized his subjects, and forged an empire thatstretched from the Black Sea in Russia to the South China Sea. Accompanying the tumult, or perhaps developing in spite of it, was an ancient culinarytradition that has become the focus of a new book.Written by Renaissance Magazine's own staff writer Marc Cramer, Imperial Mongolian Cooking, Recipes from the Kingdoms of Genghis Khan, brings together 120 recipes from coutries once part of Genghis Khan's empire. Inspired by his own Russo-Mongolian heritage, Cramer has collected recipes for salads,appetizers, and main courses from 25 modern countries including Mongolia,Chinese-controlled Inner Mongolia, Bhutan, Tibet, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, and Armenia. Each spicy mouthful is certain to delight (orstartle) the taste buds, and stimulate images of the fiery personality whochanged the course of history.

Watch your local bookstore for this intriguing book, and prepare to step back in time! (ISBN 0-7818-0827-8) —Lise Hull