Working Actor: Breaking in, Making a Living (And Making a Life) in the Fabulous Trenches of Show Business! 
By David Dean Bottrell
(Forthcoming from Ten Speed Press/PenguinRandomHouse)
On-sale date: 2/19/19

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David Dean Bottrell in the Los Angeles Times: Trying to make it as an actor? Here’s a working actor’s guide to making your way. March 24, 2019

David Dean Bottrell was blessed to have a remarkable and much-talked about recurring role on that iconic series, Boston Legal.  He played “Lincoln Meyer,” the psychotic, murderous Peeping Tom and kidnapper of Candice Bergen.   It was a phenomenal role.  Even now, people still stop him in the street to ask him about the experience. 

Since that time, David has remained busy with guest starring and recurring roles on many TV shows including: The Blacklist (his episode first aired May, 2017), Modern Family, Rectify, Mad Men, True Blood, Longmire, Justified, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones, Days of Our Lives, and more. 

David has been a working stage actor/playwright/screenwriter/TV actor/indie film director/stage director/spoken word artist/acting teacher, in both New York and Los Angeles for over 35 years now.  He has been on zillions of industry panels, wrote a movie that was a hit for a Hollywood studio and had a pretty popular blog for a while that was sort of the inspiration for this book Working Actor

Working Actor - is essentially about being middle-class in acting and show business:

         How to get there.
         How to stay employed.
         How to not lose your sanity and be happy doing it. 

David offers up advice and tells charming, funny and sometimes disastrous stories most from his personal experience, all with great humility, great honesty and great humor  You can see some of his work on the following websites:

David Dean Bottrell
Here’s some fun videos of David: