Jack Mendelsohn is a writer-artist who has worked in animation, comic strips and comic books, film, and television, creating general mayhem for a long time in the world of humor. A multitalented cartoonist, illustrator (from DC Comics to the Muppet Babies) co-writer of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Jack Mendelsohn has concocted a humor book --Jacky introduces Stuff I Lern in Skool --that is pretty serious about education--a 90-page take on school as we know it these days with his “wimpy-kid-like”cartoons.  His cartoons however are way “punnier” (than the Wimpy kid variety) and often pointedly edgy, Author Jack Mendelsohn reflects on the current state of education:

“Who would have ever thought that the United States of America – that shining beacon of democracy and undisputed leader of the civilized world, would – out of 36 nations – one day be ranked a shameful 12th place in the field of Public Education? The chilling statistics are undeniable: In nearly every area of the globe, highly motivated foreign youngsters have far outperformed America’s students... most notably, in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Chemistry, Physics and Language Skills.  What’s up? I must ask. Who knows? So I offer this book as an antidote to this sorry state of education. It is a wake-up call. I fear Stuff I Lern In Skool might soon become an officially-endorsed Board of Education textbook, rather than a satirical commentary on our failing public schools, as originally intended,” And please – don’t mistake this for a “kids’ picture book.”  It was conceived primarily to appeal to that vast audience of adults and former students, who can personally relate to years of classroom “brain-freeze”– particularly in the areas of Periodic Tables, Quadratic Equations, and Past Participle Declensions. On the other hand, I’ve no doubt that a number of younger readers will likewise be attracted to its innocent, child-like drawing style and comical misinterpretations.” Jacky (of Jacky’s Diary fame) will introduce this
ironic and funny send up of American education in this millennium.