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How to become a top-ranked sales professional by using an optimum model to build an open, honest and profitable relationship with your customers.

Honesty Sells has already made a huge impact in my business and it’s a keeper. I recommend it for any business CEO trying to maximize and keep their profits.” — Richard Strauss, President, Strauss Radio Strategies, Inc. and Former White House Radio Director under President Clinton

“I've been in the field of sales leadership for 24 years with a major organization. I've recruited, trained and developed thousands of salespeople over those years. Where has this book been? It should be a must read for every new salesperson. This is a simple topic that isn't easy to execute on day to day. Honesty Sells helps you change your mental map about how to approach business and relationships. Do the right thing....always!!” — Scott DiGiammarino, Group Vice President, Ameriprise Financial

“Top-notch sales pro who knows how to make progress in a difficult market. Bad economy. Government sales. Makes no difference - the job gets done.” — Paul Lemberg, Lemberg and Associates

"In addition to the practical and proven tips and techniques, this advice is based on extensive sales research and investigation with respect to what produces results. All the "out of the box" suggestions are attention-getting but also get results!" — Janet Armstrong, Director, Management Consulting, Ajilon Consulting

“Literally 30 minutes after adsorbing their sales advice I was on the phone applying concepts and strategies I learned that enabled me to effectively move forward a deal accounting for 57% of my quota for the entire sales quarter. Here’s the best part: This was during my first month on the job.” — Raj Shahani, Yahoo!

"Thank you so much for the inspiration. Your selling techniques were just the shot in the arm that this old veteran really needed. I have 4 new clients in just a week’s time! Hip hip hooray!!" — Nancy Daniels, Regional Director, Helms Briscoe

About the book
What does it take to go from being simply average to becoming a top-ranked sales professional? Honesty Sells has the answers—not quick fixes, gimmicky systems, tricks, or flimsy techniques. The book does not teach you how to manipulate customers to do what you want. Honesty Sells will demonstrate how an optimum model of sales behavior—one that is used by the top 10 percent of sales performers everywhere—can help you build an open, honest and profitable relationship with your customers, no matter how time-impoverished, overworked, understaffed or under-resourced they, and their clients may be. Specifically, Honesty Sells will teach sales professionals valuable strategies on how to:

  • ensure voicemail messages are returned up to 80% more often;
  • leverage or circumnavigate gatekeepers who keep you from prospects and clients;
  • determine an accurate view of a client or prospect’s perspective on an issue, and understand how those will affect a project or relationship before decisions are made;
  • increase the speed in which sales opportunities close;
  • increase closing ratios from 75:1 to 4:1;
  • compel prospects and clients to be honest;
  • ensure clients, prospects and internal resources do what they say they will do;
  • troubleshoot problems before a project fails or sales stall

Steven Gaffney (Arlington, VA) is a speaker, author and leading expert on honest interpersonal communication, influence, and leadership, as well as the president and founder of The Steven Gaffney Company (www.StevenGaffney.com). Steven has developed The Honest Communication Results System, a simple and effective method of communicating that has empowered individuals to speak to anyone, about anything, at any time. This system is highlighted in his two books Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies that Get Results and Last a Lifetime and Honesty Works! Real-World Solutions to Common Problems at Work and Home. He has also developed proven systems including The Honest Presentations Systems, The Honest Achievement Results System, and The Honest Leadership Results System.

Colleen Francis (Ottawa, Canada) is the president and founder of Engage Selling Solutions (www.engageselling.com), a thriving sales-training organization that delivers tailor-made, winning solutions to sales and marketing professionals internationally. For over 18 years, she has studied the business habits of the top 10% of sales performers organizations of all sizes and shapes-from Fortune 500 companies, to small-and medium-sized businesses. Through her company, Colleen has condensed that winning formula into an internationally acclaimed sales-training approach, Selling Innovation -- helping sales and marketing professionals everywhere achieve their maximum potential.